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Environmental Regulatory Compliance

When we first meet companies they invariably tell us that they find many of the Environmental regulations complex and difficult to understand, time consuming to implement, a distraction from their core responsibilities and above all they want unbiased independent advice on the simplest and most cost effective method for compliance.

J Williams & Associates is independent and provide competitively priced services to assist clients to comply with their obligations under seven major pieces of legislation. We have been helping clients with their compliance since the start of these regulations in 1997. We currently assist more than 50 clients with their compliance, including companies in the automotive, hospitality, import, manufacturing, retail and wholesale industries.

Packaging (Packaging Waste)

Packaging [Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 2007]

Who is Obligated?

Any company that has sales of £2m or more and handles 50 tonnes or more of packaging a year.


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Who is Obligated?

Producer Obligations*: a business that manufactures or imports Electrical or Electronic equipment.
(*except in certain conditions)

Distributor Obligations: a business that is a wholesaler or retailer of EEE for use in households.

Business user of EEE: a business that uses EEE


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Who is Obligated?

Producer Obligations*: a business that manufactures or imports (including in products) Portable batteries.

Retailer Take Back Obligations: any outlet (including mail order/online) of a retailer of portable batteries for use in households that handles in excess of 32kg per year.


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Who is Obligated?

This affects all businesses, whether as a Producer, Distributor/Retailer or End User.


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Plastic Tax / EPR / DRS

Our comprehensive “Hassle Free” services take away your headaches over compliance. They are:

  • Tailored to meet your needs
  • Competitive
  • Designed to deliver practical solutions
  • Focused on completing the job for you
  • Dedicated to deliver cost effective compliance

Solutions vary depending on the actual regulations, but all offer expert independent guidance, excellent value for money and have the option for a full “hand-holding” service designed to provide you with all the support you need.

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