20 June - WEEE dual use review - J Williams & Associates

BIS has launched a review of the interpretation of household WEEE. Following the WEEE recast, a potential discrepancy between the UK and EU classification of WEEE as household (B2C) or business(B2B). Currently. UK requirements allow for both nature and quantity of items to be considered when determining the use, but EU requirements are that ‘dual use’ products should be considered as household only.

Accordingly, BIS have released a proposal paper and seek comments on their proposals for amending the statutory guidance, putting the onus for classification on producers, creating additional enforcement agency guidance (in cooperation with producers and treatment facilities) to help ensure WEEE is correctly reported and, more specifically, on the implementation of changes.

The proposed changes are not likely to affect those who currently class their products as B2C, but may affect those who have only classed products as B2B, since their payment regime will change and they may need to join a compliance scheme for the first time. Distributors may also be affected, since products they sell may now be subject to take back obligations.

Changes are not likely to take effect until January 2015, but it remains to be seen whether or not they will apply to 2014 products. The review is due for completion in July and we will post more information as it becomes available.