Lead restriction in consumer articles - J Williams & Associates

The European Commission has recently confirmed a restriction on the use of Lead under the REACH regulation. The restriction bans lead in consumer articles that a child could place in their mouth (taken to mean smaller than 5cm in any one dimension or with a detachable or protruding part) in concentrations over 0.05% by weight (so higher than the RoHS restriction of 0.1% by weight. There is an exemption where Lead release is proven to be less than 0.05µg/cm²/hr. Since the  restriction applies to any consumer article that a child could put in their mouth (not just those intended for children to use) and comes into force for items placed on the market from 1 July 2016, now would be a good time to let all your buyers know.

The European Chemicals Agency has issued a consultation on draft guidelines that can be accessed by clicking here. The consultation closes 11/06/15.