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Supply Chain, Systems & Customer Fulfilment

Are you maximising the investment in your business systems?

Business systems underpin and support an efficient enterprise. Used well they can improve efficiency, customer experience and profitability. Despite the significant costs involved in their deployment, businesses rarely extract full value from their investment in business systems.

Over time, perceived lack of functionality, low awareness, insufficient training or staff churn can lead to employees developing ‘workarounds’ outside the control of your main business systems. These will invariably involve the use of informal manual processes and data that are not visible to the rest of your organisation.

Understanding the capability of your current business systems and integrating this into a re-design of business processes can tighten controls, improve efficiency and restore confidence. In many cases there may be dormant functionality that you have paid for but are not using.

Value/opportunity’ health checks on your business systems

We firstly audit your systems and the way they are used within your organisation. We will then present recommendations highlighting opportunities to improve productivity through the deployment of ‘unused’ functionality.

Value/opportunity’ health checks on your suppliers and vendors

Your systems suppliers may not be providing the best value to your business. We can benchmark their services and costs on your behalf, and recommend actions to reduce your costs or increase the value of the services provided by your supplier.

Getting the right product to the right place at the right time is crucial to customer satisfaction

Opportunities exist within most businesses to increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs and working capital. Establishing a thorough understanding of your supply chain will identify the areas within your business that are most likely to generate further efficiencies and cost savings.

Whether you entrust your operations to a third party or undertake them yourself, we can work with you to ensure that you are getting your product to your customer as efficiently and economically as possible.

Supply chain strategy planning

Assessing the current and future needs of your business and its customers. We will work with you to agree what great service will look like and how it can be delivered consistently. The process concludes with the development of a strategy that supports the aspirations of your business and a clear roadmap leading towards lower costs and improved service.

Demand management

Balancing your customer needs against the capability of your supply chain is a perpetual challenge. A good demand management process can enable a business to be more proactive in the management of anticipated demand, and more responsive to unanticipated demand. Whether you have a formal process or not, we can improve your ability to service customer demand whilst relieving the pressure on your balance sheet.

Outsourced distribution/warehouse service management

The decision to outsource or not is based on factors that are individual to your businesses. Customer service needs, growth projections and future strategic plans need to be considered when deciding whether to outsource all, some or none of your supply chain and fulfilment operations.  We can guide you through that process to ensure that you are receiving the best value and service.

Implementation & change management

In order to improve the performance of your supply chain something will need to change. Whether this is process change, physical, systems or indeed a transition to a new outsource partner, it is important that the implementation is well managed. We can plan and execute the project ensuring that expectations are set, resistance managed, risk and contingency assessed, and above all the changes are deployed with little or no disruption to your business.

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